December 29, 2012

das auto…

December 29, 2012

das auto…

November 18, 2012


October 1, 2012

A short guy with a Thick Dick wanks hopefully in the woods where the bad boys hang out … will he get lucky and toss off with Long Schlong? (Sorry about the film quality but it’s an old 1980s amateur spy cam.)

(Source: thefagmag)

September 23, 2012

Self Pic Saturday - still say more bois should own cams or at least phones to share…

September 14, 2012

fuck boi you are hawt,… but clean that mirror once in a while… I mean if that wasn’t toothpaste and spit it would be ok….

September 10, 2012

you and your buddy are on a roadtrip and to pass the time while driving you both jack off, and record it of course….

September 6, 2012

a hawt couple of college guys gettin off recording in a public urinal… nice…

September 5, 2012

some Daddies, and their bois…

September 5, 2012

das auto

August 26, 2012

don;t know if it’s the bi-curious thing going on,.. or the taking small steps part, but I think this video is fuckin hawt…

August 16, 2012

spying on the neighbor whos showing off on cam

August 7, 2012

Uncles (and Daddies) know best…. vintage but pretty hawt

July 26, 2012

Canadian Pierre Fitch at the start of porn before he was famous….  still wanna fuck that ass

July 19, 2012

fuck boi come here….

(via missedapproach)

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